Schuylkill Township Democrat

About Me

I am a proud fourth-generation member of this community. I have been a Township Commission member as well as a supporter of projects in the township for over twelve years. In those years I founded and chaired the Schuylkill Township Open Space Commission. The goal of the Open Space Commission is to conserve properties for the well-being, heath and economy of the township and its residents. My team and I have acquired multiple preservation easements throughout the township. Most recently preserving our neighboring property, the Medal of Honor Grove at Freedoms Foundation.

Why I Am Running

I am running for Schuylkill Township Supervisor. If elected Township Supervisor I plan to preserve open space, prevent overdevelopment of Schuylkill Township, hear the concerns of the people and take action as I have done in the past while keeping transparency. In addition, there are opportunities to apply for and receive more grant money as well as reduce the budget in Schuylkill Township. Having ownership in multiple local businesses, I will bring a valuable perspective which would benefit the board in improving levels of efficiency and streamlining processes that are currently lacking.